Our Escape Rooms

$28.00 per player (excluding Amnesia)! Private experiences!

Amnesia [Online]

Designed for 2-4 players
Price: $20 per team

Congratulations, You got the intern position! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to pay you, but we’re sure the experience will prove…unforgettable.

All you need is the internet, a few team members, and your cunning. Don’t lose your head!

Movie Theatre

Designed for 2-6 players

You have always dreamt of owning your own theater; however, something has always brought that dream to reality: L&P Theater and their famous popcorn. They have a secret recipe, and you know an angry custodian who is willing to leave his job with a bang.

You’ve convinced him to leave the back door propped open for you. Follow the custodian’s clues, find the secret recipe, and escape before security makes their sweep.

Murfree's Manor

This Is Our Most Difficult Room! 
Experience Suggested!

Designed for 2-8 players

The Murfree Manor is on the market. You have always heard rumors about Mr. Murfree and are interested to see what’s inside, especially with all of the rumors about the house. You and your friends go to check out the place, but once you ring the doorbell the rumors come back to mind.

Will you be able to get you and your friends out while also earning the keys to the manor? Or will you become one of the rumors?

Broadband Bamboozle

Designed for 2-5 players

Your friend has invited friends to come over and watch the big game. You show up only to find out that his cable isn’t even working.

You’ve always heard the joke about stealing cable from the cable company, but could it really be done?

The game starts in an hour, can you and your friends pull off the heist before the game starts?

Game Museum

Designed for 2-8 players

Tours of the game museum start every 60 minutes. Will you be able to play your way through the museum? Or will you hear the dreaded words GAME OVER!